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Hi……… My name is IHAB , and I would like to welcome you in our family’s home which is 2 sweet 2 B 4 go10 . I’m 34 years old , Coptic Orthodox , I live in Alexandria - Egypt , married since 10 years . I enjoy being a father . I have studies mechanical engineering in Alexandria Faculty of Engineering . I’m running my own business , an office for Importing & Exporting . I love my work very much , in Egypt you can have a lot of fun with this kind of job , as you can have a lot of friends , which makes your business and life easier . I love traveling out side Egypt .
What I'm interested in:
  • Our Family ......
    My wife " MERVAT " , she is a great lady , we knew each other since more than 15 years . We have two kids , A young man " FADI " 9 years old , in a French school in Alexandria , he loves reading , plays Piano , and he is his school’s Basketball team . And a young lady " SALY " 5 years old , in a German school , she is young ballerina
    Our family love to have friends and contacts from any place around the world , and expect them to pay us in Egypt a visit
  • The Pyramids of EGYPT ....
    Built: From about 2700 to 2500 B.C. Location: Giza, Egypt, on west bank of Nile River near Cairo History: The Egyptian Pyramids are the oldest and only surviving member of the ancient wonders. Of the 10 pyramids at Giza, the first three are held in the highest regard. The first, and largest, was erected for the Pharaoh Khufu. Known as the Great Pyramid, it rises about 450 feet (having lost about 30 feet off the top over the years) and covers 13 acres. It's believed to have taken 100,000 laborers about 20 years to build the mammoth Khufu pyramid, using an estimated 2.3 million blocks. By one theory, crews dragged or pushed limestone blocks up mud-slicked ramps to construct the royal tombs. Many scholars think the pyramid shape was an important religious statement for the Egyptians, perhaps symbolizing the slanting rays of the sun. Some speculate the sloping sides were intended to help the soul of the king climb to the sky and join the gods.
My favourite links
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